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  • ZY-HM-120B


    1. The steering wheel handle of racing car is powerful and powerful.

    2. Corner protection design to better protect the machine.

    3, 1-6 speed change control.

    4. Brush holder structure, easy to replace carbon brush.


    ZY-HM-120B ZY-HM-120B2
    Rated Power 1200W 1400W
    Rated Voltage 230V 230V
    Frenquency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
    Speed 0-700RPM 0-760RPM
    Paddle size K3 120*590mm K3 120*590mm
    Tool connection M14 M14
    Power cord 2M 2M
    Product Weight 5kg 5kg
    Packing size 32.5*32.5*20.5cm 32.5*32.5*20.5cm
    Carton size 66.5*34*22cm 66.5*34*22cm
    Carton quantity 2pcs 2pcs
    Loadings 20/40/40HQ 1100/2200/2600pcs 1100/2200/2600pcs

    Add: NO.12,Baijiale Road Xialixi Industry Area,Yongkang,Zhejiang,P.R.CHINA
    Tel: 0086-579-87192006 87192007
    Fax: 0086-579-87192755
    E-mail: sales@zhengyitool.com
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