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      The present situation and development direction of concrete mixing station in our country
      1. The penetration rate is not high, the area differences of ready-mixed concrete existence very big regional differences and imbalance, such as the eastern region than western developed coastal provinces is higher than the inland provinces, the developed provinces is higher than less developed provinces, in a province provincial capital city is better than other regional cities. From the overall situation, the penetration rate is relatively low in developed countries, although the country has made a mandatory documents on December 31, 2005 county-level cities across the country all the use of ready-mixed concrete, as currently envisaged is a long way to go.
      2. The overall technical content is not high in our country in the developed countries compared to the overall technology content of mixing station than is low, the batching plant manufacturers at the moment is relatively chaos, technical level differs very big.
      3. The intelligent degree is not high mixing station intelligent degree directly reflects the site of the high and low technical content, in this respect our country station just completed the initial stage of intelligent.
      4. The pollution of environmental performance is not high concrete mixing station is mainly manifested in three aspects: dust, noise, sewage. Many concrete company in order to save investment not well solve the problem of pollution, and the mixing plant environmental performance is not high in China. On the other hand, due to the government and its department in charge of industry on the control of the environmental protection efforts is not big enough, is also another important reason for the environmental protection performance is not high.
      To develop quickly and well 1. Intelligent intelligent is the final development direction of all machinery and equipment, mixing station is no exception. The current most manufacturers in this area has a lot of investment, but can only say that is also a low state of intelligence.
      2. Environmental protection in the governance of dust control in powder conveying way, such as using imported on the cement silo filter, the main building, screw machine equipped with filter feeding to wind trough feeding as well as the entire station closed dust can be reduced to a minimum; Through improve the performance of the host station and closed, and adopt sound insulation board materials such as minimize noise; In pollution ways through a variety of ways to governance, such as building wastewater sedimentation tank and the secondary circulation filtration unit and aggregate secondary use.
      In addition all the powder material from feeding, feeding to stir the ingredients, measuring, filling under the closed state. Totally enclosed agitation and the main belt conveyor structure greatly reduce the dust and noise pollution to the environment. Using negative pressure dust removal and special fiber filter cloth feeding when the dust into the dust collector, completely without spreading around, and the collected dust can be easily recycled, can effectively protect the environment.
      3. High precision, high accuracy refers to aggregate and cement, water and admixture of measuring accuracy, precision and larger ascension space at present. High precision of measurement is the goal and development direction of the station, only to improve the measurement precision can produce higher grade of high strength concrete, how to improve the accuracy of the metering device is a problem worthy to be discussed.
      4. The standardization of standardized mixing plant is a development direction, its final any equipment standards, there are international standards, our country also have their own industry standards. Standardization can radically reduce the product cost, save a lot of resources and energy consumption in the face of the current tense situation of natural resources, low output and high energy consumption, we urge the relevant departments of industry and large enterprises to promote the cause. Despite the mixing station for industry standard in China, but far cannot adapt to the development of the current station speed, standard relative lag, industry standard did not play a guiding role to a certain extent, many manufacturers schools of thought contend, a standard, a market confusion.
      5. Localization from import to domestic is our country the development of mechanical equipment, equipment localization in the very great degree can reduce product prices, and improve the product after-sales service. Imported equipment mainly is expensive and after-sales service is not timely, especially the parts can't supply in time, according to the above situation abroad each big machinery manufacturing companies move to form a joint venture or wholly foreign owned company in China, it is also a sense of localization, and can enhance the level of China's machinery manufacturing as a whole. Concrete batching plant is not exceptional also, localization is the inevitable direction of its development.
      Miniaturization in 6. Along with the further improving urban infrastructure, urban construction in the case of relatively reduced the demand of concrete will be largely reduced, such as further into a large mixing station, cost recovery and will delay and reduce profits. From the long view, small and medium-sized mixing plant is a possible development directions.
      7. Mechanization of concrete mixing station popularization of western developed countries than in China as early as more than 20 years, its popularity has quite high at present, from urban to rural areas has been realized the mechanization of concrete. According to the current situation of our country, the popularity of ready-mixed concrete also needs a long process, now only a few coastal developed province or a more developed country began to popularize the ready-mixed concrete, such as the town of shaoxing county, zhejiang province, Yang xun bridge (the first town of zhejiang economy) has three concrete products companies, building residents have begun to use ready-mixed concrete.

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