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      The application of other blender and gas-liquid mixing equipment
      To the ratio of high mixing container, the single oar can't get a good mix ability when they need to use multilayer mixer, such as in the fermentation industry.
      In multi-layer agitator, often use a variety of types of agitator combination to gain higher stirring effect, make the axial cycle and dispersing ability get comprehensive balance. For example, some need cycle with shear mixing process, then adopted in wide circulation ability of two layers Ye Yiliu type mixer, the lower the shear capability of the half pipe disc impeller.
      Different layer between the impeller spacing has a great influence on the gas dispersion effect. Increase the layer spacing can increase the dispersion properties of the lower impeller, and can improve the average gas holdup.
      New type of agitator
      Now, the gas and liquid mixing system has some new progress
      (1) high pressure steam system, such as boiling.
      (2) high gas velocity (the apparent gas velocity  0.08 m/s).
      (3) the blender range expansion, including concave blade design and wide blade hydroforming.
      (4) the recycling rate of the gas and the relationship between mass transfer driving force calculation is correct.
      Gas-liquid mixing, in order to get a longer gas residence time or better gas flow pattern, research institutions and companies began to design a new type of blender.
      Such as some of the reactor in the liquid surface adds a self-priming mixer, gas back to liquid overflow, increases the gas residence time.
      Experts are working on a can change the gas flow pattern of the agitator, as shown in the figure below. This is a kind of multilayer paddle, paddle, the bottom is runoff in the two layers of suction is the function of wing flow OARS, wing by OARS can force to improve the flow pattern of the gas flow.
      The application of gas and liquid mixing equipment
      Gas-liquid mixing equipment is mainly used for hydrogenation, oxidation, gas removal and other physical and chemical process. Such as hydrogenation, oxidation, chlorination and sulfonation process, the blender can provide higher gas-liquid dispersion ability, increase the gas residence time. In the process of fermentation, etc, to circulate shear to two or morethings, appropriate USES multilayer composite OARS.
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