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      Stirring device structure and working principle of the mixing drum
      Stirring device of the cement concrete mixing transporter is similar to the cement concrete mixer. As shown in figure 13-3 for mixing transporter of hydraulic mechanical transmission device assembly, mainly by mixing barrel and mixing drum drive device, charging and discharging device, stirring drum support device and water supply system, etc.
      Work when the engine through the force transmission axis, a hydraulic transmission system and gear speed reducer drive mixing drum roll. Mixing barrel forward to stir or charging, reverse when unloading. Stirring speed and rotation direction of the cylinder by the operating personnel according to the working state of the car, through changing the Angle of inclined plate of hydraulic motor.
      1, mixing tube structure
      Pear-shaped structure is used in most of the mixing drum is a variable sectional plane asymmetric double cone, shaped like a pear, maximize diameter from the middle to both ends of a pair of long truncated cone, then the bottom section of the cone is shorter, end face seal; Top cone is longer, the end openings, low end of the installation of the center axis, the period of the cone of external has a circular groove. The mixing barrel through the center axis and ring raceway tilt in horizontal and fixed on the frame of self-aligning bearing and a supporting roller of three-point supporting structure, so can smoothly to spare the axis of rotation. Mixing barrel driving force comes from the center axis of hydraulic motor drive.
      Figure 13-3 truck of coagulation and the stirring device
      1 - skip 2 - ring raceway 3 - mixing tube 4 -; Bolted flange additional frame 6-7-5 - reducer bearing wheel adjusting mechanism for the 8-9 - activity discharging chute 10 - fixed discharging chute
      Mixing barrel internal structure as shown in figure 13-4. Mixing barrel longitudinal along the walls symmetrical welding with two continuous strip of the spiral blade 2, when mixing drum rotating blade is driven around the mixing drum axis helical motion, the concrete mixing or discharge. To improve the efficiency of mixing cylinder is also equipped with auxiliary mixing blade 3.
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