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      The use of the mixer matters needing attention
      Agitator in use for the first time, to control instrument specifications complete check instrument with accessories, such as mixing, the power cord, etc.;
      2. Speed should be from low speed to high speed, it is best not to top gear starting directly, in order to avoid mixing son out of sync, caused to beat;
      3. When you don't stir can't heating, should cut off power supply when not working;
      4. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, spelling mixing equipment/mixer/mixing equipment, mixing equipment/spell mix machine/especially don't make the solution into the machine;
      5. Stir if found mixing son beats or not, please check the beaker is smooth, location are;
      6. Medium speed operation can prolong the service life of the mixer;
      7. When using the best can be connected to ground. Mixer is suitable for the biological, physical and chemical, cosmetics, health products, food, reagents, and other areas of the experiment. Is a liquid mixture mixing experiment equipment. New product concept design, advanced manufacturing technology, large output torque, low speed running continuous use good performance. Drive motor with large power series type micro motor, compact structure, safe and reliable operation; Running state control adopts numerical control touch stepless speed, convenient speed regulation; Digital display running speed status, collect data correctly.
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