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      Common type mixer and choice
      Design and selection of mixing plant mixing operation purpose. A variety of different mixing process by different mixing plant operation is needed to realize, in the first according to the model selection of the design process to the purpose and requirement of the mixing operation, determine the agitator type, motor power, stirring speed, and then select the speed reducer, frame, stirring shaft, shaft seal parts, etc. Methods of the specific steps are as follows:
      1. According to the process conditions, stirring the purpose and requirements, select agitator type, select agitator type should fully grasp the dynamic performance of the mixer and blender produced in the process of mixing flow state and the causal relationship of various kinds of mixing purpose.
      2. According to the identified agitator type and agitator flow generated by the state, in the process of mixing process on time, settling velocity and mixing dispersion control requirements, through the experiment method and computer simulation design, determine the motor power, stirring speed and blender diameter.
      3. According to the motor power, stirring speed and process conditions, from slowing pause on choosing reducer models in the table. If, in accordance with the actual work to choose reducer, torque should be less than the actual work torque reducer allowable torque.
      4. According to the speed reducer output shaft head selection and d d and way of stirring shaft bearing frame, coupling of the same specifications
      5. According to the frame of stirring shaft head do size, installation of accommodate space and work pressure, choice of working temperature of the shaft sealing type
      6. In accordance with the requirements for installation form and structure design of mixer shafts structure, check the junior high intensity and rigidity.
      According to the rigid shaft design, under the condition of structure strength n/nk 0.7 or less
      According to the flexible shaft design, under the condition of structure strength n/nk > = 1.3
      7. According to the frame of the nominal heart inch of stirring shaft of DN, put aside shaft type and stress levels, choose to install the bottom cover, flange base or flanges flanges
      8. In accordance with the bearing and anti vibration condition, to determine whether configures auxiliary support.
      In the process of the above selection, the combination of the mixing plant, configuration may refer to (mixing plant design flow diagram), connection between the parts of the configuration process to the key size of the shaft head size, shaft head size consistent parts are interchangeable in principle, combination.
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